Menorca: Nature, cuisine and culture

“Nature, cuisine and culture: this Balearic island wraps a wealth of experiences within its seductive shoreline.” These are the words of travel writer Simon Calder, editor of the publication The Independent. And he’s right.

During the month of May Menorca pace changes, the good weather and the activity is greater. And it shows in the people, in the desire to go for a walk, explore coves and enjoy good food.

Calder, in his article, highlights the rising and setting sun in Menorca. From Es Castell where sunrise first to Ciutadella to enjoy the beautiful sunset in the sea. Halfway we find the village of Es Migjorn, where we relax enjoying the midday sun on the beach Binigaus fantastic.

If we want to walk, run or bike, we can go a stretch of the Path of the Horses (Camí de Cavalls), an ancient track running right around the island. A 178km trail once used to transport goods on horseback.

Finally it’s time to enjoy the cuisine, local product and traditional cooking. In a typical Menorca house: red tiles and sandstone walls.

The Restaurant S’Engolidor we’re specialized in the cuisine of Menorca, so we offer a special menu each week. Full and varied to suit the taste of our guests.


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